A global waste

The world consists of 30% dry land and 70% water, of which 97.5% is salt water and 2.5% is fresh water. Most of these 2.5% is tied up in glaciers at the poles, with approximately 1% is in lakes, rivers and groundwater.

Even with the best of intentions, none of us can say that we are taking care of this vital resource in a responsible manner. We constantly water our lawns, fill our pools and wash our cars with fresh well water.

The so-called developed world, is guilty of a wasting huge amounts of fresh water, while over 1 billion people do not have access at all to clean water and an increasing number of countries are experiencing water shortages, which will ultimately affect our food supply.

Even today, vast areas suitable for agriculture are not used due to water shortages.

It goes without saying that this cannot continue.

The developers of the PMX HWC SYSTEM have taken note of this situation and are able in a simple way to help reduce water consumption in the world. If the system were installed in all older apartment buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels and so on that are lacking circulation in their tap water, the system would easily be able to save billion liters of fresh water per year.

The waste that occurs in most countries is so gigantic because there is no circulation of domestic hot water. Moreover, it is an even greater waste in economic terms since the wasted water must also be paid for.

Additional information is available on our new website 2019.

Ove N. Edmark


For older properties lacking hot tap water circulation and for new production, as the system saves on materials, labour and service costs.