The development of the PMX system has been ongoing for over two years. Various solutions have been produced and dismissed. We now feel we have a solution that equates to the goals and requirements we have had since our work began – to find the best solution for the elimination of overconsumption of water in older properties that lack circulation of their hot tap water, which results in hundreds of billions of litres of water being flushed down drains each year worldwide, until hot water reaches the kitchen, washbasin or shower.

The system consists of two units; Unit 1 is installed directly adjacent to the property’s heat source, and Unit 2 is installed under the sink in the highest kitchen on one of the property’s vertical trunk pipes. That’s it.

Simple installation with minimal disruption to residents, and a pay-off period of 1.5 – 2 years.

A unique design that is subject to an international patent application, with no equivalent solution in existence.

The PMX system also makes a positive contribution to new buildings by eliminating the need to lay double piping, as is the case with current construction techniques.

The system will now undergo a series of tests under the auspices of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden.

July 2018